The Emerging Technical Subcommittee on “Innovation and Standards in Information and Communication Technologies (ISICT)” has been approved by the IEEE ComSoc’s Emerging Technologies Committee. The subcommittee is a standing committee under the IEEE Communications Society Standardization Programs Development Board (CSPDB), and reports to the IEEE Communications Society Emerging Technologies Committee.

Innovation involves fundamental changes in paradigm that can open entirely new fields of research and technology. Without innovation, we continue adding refinements to existing technology while missing bigger opportunities for new ways of thinking.

The charter of the subcommittee includes:

  • To foster true innovation and standardization in communication technology.
  • To better understand the essence of innovation in a general sense and nurture it for the benefit of humanity with emphasis upon communication-related technologies.
  • To better predict and evaluate the potential of new communication technology.

Scope of technical activities to be pursued

  • To foster and promote research related to theory and methodology of innovation and standardization in information and communication technologies
  • Foster contributions from academic and industrial research organizations to global standards activities
  • Produce IEEE Communications Society products including Best Readings on Innovation and Standardization in Communications
  • Technically co-sponsor the IEEE International Conference on Standardization and Innovation in Information Technology (SIIT) and serve as its official endorser
  • Foster undergraduate and graduate academic curricula and continuing education in innovation and standardization areas

Proposed activities

Proposed activities of ISICT include-

  • Create a venue to bring academic researchers and industry researchers/practitioners together for discussions on Innovation and Standards in Information and Communications Technologies
  • Organize innovations and standards related conferences and workshops
  • Propose and serve as guest editors for Feature Topics on innovations and standards in IEEE Communication Magazine
  • Create an IEEE journal to publish scholarly articles on innovations and standards
  • Create tutorials and courses as well as ComSoc Distinguished Lectures on Innovation and Standards Education

Motivation – Overcoming the academia/industry barrier


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