If you are interested in contributing to the work of this committee or participating in any activities organized by the committee, we encourage you to become a member of this committee.
For information regarding membership with the committee, please contact Dr. SM Hasan, Email: hasan AT ge DOT com.

List of Current Members:

Name Affiliation Location
SM Hasan GE Global Research USA
Stephen Bush GE Global Research USA
Alex Gelman IEEE ComSoc USA
Kaniz Mahdi Ericsson USA
Kai Jakobs RWTH Aachen University Germany
Ken Krechmer University of Colorado, Boulder USA
Knut Blind Technical University of Berlin Germany
Sergei Ikovenko GEN3 Partners Inc. USA
ChowdhuryShahriar Virginia Tech USA
MostofaHowlader Oak Ridge National Laboratory USA
Haris Volos University of Arizona USA
Dinesh Datla Harris USA
Tore Hoel Learning Technologies Norway
John Wilson World Bank USA
Donggeun Choi Korean Standards Association Korea
Stephane Tronchon Qualcomm France
James Neel CRT Wireless USA
Joel West Keck Graduate Ins. Of Applied Life Sciences. USA
HarpreetDhillon University of Texas at Austin USA
Shen Xiaobai University of Edinburgh Business School UK
Robin Williams Institute for the Study of Science, Tech. &Innov. UK
Carlos Aguayo Power Fingerprinting Inc. USA
Feng Andrew Ge Qualcomm USA
Mukundan R Indian Institute of Technology Bombay India
Adolph Martin ITU Telecommunication Standardization Bureau Switzerland
VenkatesenMauree Standardization Bureau Switzerland
Henk de Vries Erasmus University Netherland
Martina Gerst The University of Edinburgh UK
Carlos Caicedo Syracuse University USA
Raul Colcher Questera Consulting Brazil
TinekeEgyedi Delft University of Technology Netherland
Rahul Sinha Illinois Institute Of Technology USA
Jinsong Wu Bell Laboratories China
SoumyaKantiDatta EURECOM France
MarufAhamed University of North Dakota USA
Ihsan Akbar Harris USA
Jinsong Wu Alcatel-Lucent China